How to use the GOA platform

At the GOA platform, we collect the best bonuses from various casinos that you will not find anywhere else. The Exclusive Bonus Policy is exactly what sets the GOA platform apart from any other review site.


There are two types of bonuses: paid and free. Free bonuses are those that you can get free of charge immediately after registering on the platform.

Important: to receive points for deposits in a casino, you must follow the link from the GOA platform when registering at this casino.

For every 1 EUR of your deposit (or an equivalent in other currencies), you get 10 points. You can find a complete table of exchange rates concerning points in Appendix 1 at the end of this page.

In the list of bonuses, you can use filters. These filters will allow you to find exactly the bonuses you want. There are several filters:

– Bonus type (match bonus, cash bonus, free spins, cashback)

– Bonus price (paid, free)

– Bonus category (1st deposit bonus, 2nd deposit bonus, 3rd deposit bonus, reload bonus)

– Bonus currency (fiat, crypto)

– Bonus class: (non-deposit, non-wagering)

Thus, you can customize the issuance of bonuses for yourself.

Also, if a bonus does not suit you, you can click the ‘Not for me’ link, and this bonus will never be shown to you again.

If you like the bonus, click LIKE on it!

To view the full bonus conditions, click the (i) icon on the bonus plate and view its conditions: wager, maximum bonus, minimum deposit, etc.

Attention! If the bonus has the inscription ‘Earn points for buying this bonus!’, then you will receive points for a deposit in this casino! If there is no inscription, it means that you can play in this casino just like in any other, but you will not receive points in GOA for deposits in it.

Choosing a casino

The Casinos section contains casino reviews that are available in your country that you have selected when registering.

If you are ALREADY playing at any of the casinos and registered there NOT from the GOA platform, click on the ‘I’m already playing here’ link, and the review of this casino will no longer be shown to you.

You can go to any casino review and read the pros and cons, payment systems, licenses, and other features of this business.

If you like the casino, follow the link from GOA and enjoy all the advantages of the privileged game.

You can write a detailed comment about any casino where you already play (made at least one deposit) and where you have registered from the GOA platform. All comments are pre-moderated. Please refrain from any personal information in the comments; we also ask you not to use obscene language and be as objective as possible.

Casino problems

If you have encountered any issues with any of the casinos where you have registered from the GOA platform, you can send a complaint to arbitration. To do this, click on the Leave a complaint button on the casino page. All complaints are pre-moderated. When your complaint is sent, the casino has 72 hours to respond.

The status of the complaint (resolved or not resolved) can only be changed by the GOA platform administrator. The platform is committed to ensuring that all your complaints are resolved as soon as possible, and will make every effort to facilitate negotiations with casino representatives.

Do not forget to indicate your username (or email) used when registering at this casino when submitting a complaint.

Do you have any questions?

For any questions related to the use of the GOA platform, you can contact us at or in the live chat.