General Policy and Information

Explanations of the terms and rights of users
1) The website can be named:, Gambling One Auth, GOA. All names are equally right.
2) Operator is a casino representative who legally represents a casino or several casinos ruled by one legal entity on the platform and has the rights to: a) Add bonuses under any of the casinos managed by them, b) View statistics of purchases of the bonuses added, c) Receive information emails with the statistics of clicks, first deposits, deposits, registrations and earnings from the players database shared by this operator.
3) Player is a physical entity who signs up on and herewith confirms their legal age for gambling (in their jurisdiction) and a desire to receive promotional newsletters.
4) Moderator is a representative of who has the rights to: a) approve, edit or disapprove any bonuses or other materials added by an operator, b) approve, delete or edit any account made by an operator or a player, set roles to any of these accounts, c) send any promotional emails, push notifications, SMS or other types of notifications to the players shared by an operator, d) add reviews of casino brands that belongs to an operator, herewith the content of these reviews are at the moderators’ sole discretion.

1) is an independent information and email service which provides the most comprehensive experience and expertise in the gambling industry. It doesn’t provide any gambling services, nor contains casino games or gambling advice.
2) Casino operators are fully responsible for all content added on by them, regardless of its approval status.
3) The content in this site is for news and entertainment purposes only and it cannot be considered as a legal advice of any kind.
4) users are responsible for determining whether it is legal for them to play any particular game or place any particular wager.
5) does not guarantee the accuracy of any item within these materials.
6) The information on this server is subject to modification without any notice and does not represent an obligation on the part of in the future.
7) takes no legal responsibility for errors in these materials.
8) Unless identified with the label “Copy Freely”, the content of this website, are copyrighted by, including the added bonuses, casino reviews, items in the arbitrage, casino comments, tickets in the support desk etc.
9) will not be responsible for any damage, which may result from the use of these materials.
10) is a registered trademark of New Wave Entertainment co ltd
11) reserves the right to deny any requests for a content removal at its sole
discretion unless the content could be considered as false, vulgar, hateful, obscene, sexually-oriented, threatening, discriminatory, invasive of a person’s privacy or in any other way in violation of any International law.
12) Casino Arbitrage service is public and all posts and/or attached files to a complaint case are public. It is the player’s obligation to hide/mask any personal details included in these posts and/or attached files.
13) The only communication channel, allowed for discussion and exchange of information concerning is via email or tickets on the website. do not discuss complaint cases over Skype, Live Chat or any other communication means.

Database sharing by an operator
1) Every operator must share a part of their players’ database in order to participate in the ecosystem.
2) The minimum number of users in the shared database must exceed 3000 each time it is being shared.
3) The database should be shared at least every two weeks.
4) Each database provided by an operator undergoes a check-up which indicates if
the database is quality enough to be distributed among other brands on If a database is not quality enough, reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel the operator’s participation in the ecosystem and remove all bonuses and/or casinos added by and for the operator.
5) By providing a players database, an operator confirms that has full rights, including, but not limited to: send informational and promotional emails to the users presented in the database with any content at the sole discretion, send other types of electronic notifications, use the users’ private data indicated in the database.
6) If in a database there’s a user(s) that has been already shared by another operator, will remove this user from the newly shared database.
7) Each user is considered belonging to the casino brand and the operator shared their details in the fight time.
8) guarantees that every operator will be receiving 40% Revenue Share from each of the users belonging to this operator from any of the casino brands excluding casino brands that belong to the same operator. The Revenue Share commission structure is defined by every single casino and its Terms and Conditions.
9) Every operator must pay 45% Revenue Share for all users sent by no later than the 15th of the month next after the report period. For example, for the revenue generated in January, an operator must pay before and exactly at the 15th of February.
10) If an operator has not paid in time, reserves the right to remove all
bonuses added by this operator and continue using their players database at the sole discretion.
11) All financial transactions are made between operators directly. does not
accept any money, nor process payouts.
12) doesn’t carry a responsibility for payouts between operators. However, provides information assistance and tries to solve any problems that may appear.

Paid spots and other types of commercial activity
1) reserves the right to sell paid placements on the website, including but not limited to: flat fee fees, hybrid commissions, CPA commissions, to any third-party partners.

Arbitrage and commentary services
1) Any player registered on has the right to submit a complaint (so-called Arbitrage) against any casino brand this player plays in. Attention! Only those players are considered playing on a casino brand if they have registered there by following a link on which can be proven by a moderator.
2) A player who would like to submit a complaint must objectively describe the reason and the full details of their complaint, except for personal details (email, full name, payment details etc.). Sensitive and personal data should be sent directly to the support together with a link to the submitted complaint.
3) Only three parties have the right to comment in the complaint thread: the topic started (the player who has submitted this complaint), the operator who owns the casino brand against which the complaint was submitted, the representative. A complaint may have three statuses: pending (in process), solved (closed in the casino’s favour), not solved (closed in the player’s favour), the status is set up by a representative at their sole discretion. No appeals are accepted from both the operator’s and the player’s side post-factum.